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B/W: 1 GB/day or 5 GB/week

Available only for users with invites, vouchers or Facebook users

Premium plan for

1 week

€ 4.95

B/W: 70 GB/month

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Premium plan for

1 month

€ 9.95

B/W: 140 GB/month

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Premium plan for

3 months

€ 27.95

B/W: 160 GB/month

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Premium plan for

1 year

€ 113.95

B/W: 200 GB/month

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Premium plan for


€ 339.95

B/W: 250 GB/month

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Payment methods described

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoins are cool. Soon or later you'll have to learn it (if not yet). How to buy bitcoins:
    1. online sellers
    2. cash sellers
  • Credit cards: A small fee (~2-5%) may be added. Transaction currency may not be Euros (so more +1-2% on cross conversions). Check final amount and convert to euros at if needed.
  • Resellers: Resellers of voucher codes. Mainly intended to be used by users from their countries. Response time may be slow and whole process might take up to few hours. To speedup the whole process try to contact a reseller first.

General notes on payment methods

At the time we have a limited set of payment methods. Some payment methods may not be available at time of purchase (a notice will be shown when you click on it). In such a case either try other payment methods or just try again later.

Service limits described

  • B/W (Bandwidth): limit of HTTP bandwidth (traffic) per month. i.e. amount of data you download from our servers to your computer. No other bandwidth is counted. If you exceed your limit you can always purchase extra bandwidth which will be carried over to the next month.
  • Dls (Acitve downloads): the limit for active downloads from other sources such as other sites and networks to our servers. Bandwidth (incoming for us) itself is not counted. The limit applies to number of active downloads and to total size of all active downloads. As most downloads are quite fast only 1-2% users are affected by this limit.
  • If you don't understand the limits terminology then just ignore it. Most likely the limits will not apply to you.