Open API

Introduction - is a cloud file storage service with many unuque features. The purpose of this API is to provide access to its features from third-party tools. Example usage: If you manage to write some application we'll be glad to give you the LIFETIME subscription.

Limits for non-premium users

Currently only basic bandwidth limits are enforced. The limit vary but in general it should allow a user to download about 500Mb per day. Premiums users limits are much higher (up to 300GB per/month).

Other limits

The API is indented to be used only by end-users who use your software (website, plugin or toolbar). So do not try to leach our DB. The requests limit is 60/hour per /24 subnet. If you need more then contact us first. All requests should provide http referer field so we can see where our API is used. Also we can randomly start sending bogus data if you abuse the rules. So do not use the API in production w/o prior approval and do not cheat after.

API methods


Download files from various sources _to_ the storage.


Dowloads may be initiated not only by adding individual links/torrents but also by adding an RSS feed in special format.



Labels were inspired by Gmail/Google docs labels and can be used either as tags or directories.

Login and Registration

API key or login cookies are not required for these methods.

User profile and settings


Metasearch engine

Agregated search using Google and a dozen of BitTorrent websites.

API objects