How to report download problems

1. Gather required information:

  1. Test your speed using every alternative link.
  2. Test your speed for every possible 'proxy' value in Options.
  3. Test your speed by downloading some other big files from the EU which are not related to us. For example:
    1. 1GB test file

2. Provide detailed information

  1. Confirm that you have read this page
  2. Your username at
  3. Exact urls (links) for every file you have tested. DO NOT send screenshots, file names or instructions where to find links. All we need is clear urls (links) so we can just REPEAT your actions.
  4. Average speed for every link type. Only numbers, not your personal feelings.
Further we may ask you for the following info as well:
  1. Exact log messages from DownThemAll (enable logging in the plugin Prefernces first). DO NOT SEND screenshots. We need plain text.
  2. Tracer and ping results.
  3. Screenshots for some error messages if plain text cannot be provided.
  4. Other details if possible.
Requests without enough details are considered meaningless and will not be responded to. In other words - help us to help you by providing enough details about your problem.