How to increase your download speed

In general we have plenty of available bandwidth and if you are a premium user you should be downloading files at the top speed of your internet connection. If not then most likely there's something wrong at your end. Users in Europe and the US usually don't have problems with speed. But if you live in country where most internet connections are plain crap you may be out of luck. In this case you have to use a download manager which can split a download into multiply streams and download slightly faster.

Use download managers:

  1. FreeDownloadManager [recommended]

    One of the good download managers is FreeDownloadManager. It works fine on Windows. If your speed is still slow using default settings you may try to increase number of sections per download. Do the following:
    1. Options -> Settings -> Downloads -> Network -> Maximum number of connections per one server: [set it to 20]
    2. When a new download begins click: Advanced -> Network -> Sections -> Maximum number: [set it to 20]
    If you've done everything correct then you'll see number of sections be 20 in the main window. Note that number of sections may increase slowly while download is starting. Usually it takes 2-5 mins.

  2. DownThemAll

    DownThemAll is a plugin for FireFox. It's simple and may lack some specific features but it may give you a better speed even with default settings. You may even try to get a better speed by hacking it a bit and increasing number of sections:
    1. Type about:config in the location bar and hit Enter
    2. Find extensions.dta.maxchunks and set it to 20 (10 is the default max)
    3. Start a new download. Old downloads will still use old setting.
    If you've done everything correct you should see the number of sections if you move your mouse over the download progress. From personal experience it's the best way to download files on lossy links (500 ping and 15% packets loss).

Use Alternative Links:

Some ISP's throttle user's bandwidth by forcing the use of proxies for everything on default ports (port 80). We provide alternative links with non-default ports. Try all of these links a few times each for a different download and choose the best one for you.

Real life example:


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