Transcoding video files

You can transcode your video files into a format playable by most modern portable devices. The two main points of this feature are:

Converted video files are playable on:

Doesn't play on:

Technical details:


Transcoding to H264 is a very CPU intensive operation. For a server it's easier to download the file then convert it to another video format. Currently during the initial tests there's only two limits for users: 2G per file and 10G per all files in queue. Later the limits will be changed.

Real life example

For an TV show episode size file (40-60 mins, 200-350MB) it takes about 5-10 mins to transcode and the resulting file is about 50MB in size. For a full movie (90 mins, 700MB) it takes about 15 mins and resulting the file is about 200MB in size. But the transcoding queue may increase the total time.