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Support If you're experiencing any problems please let us know by sending an email to support­@­ . Please don't send screenshots or anything other then plain text if not required.
What programs should I use?
  1. VLC video player (or some other free player such as SMPlayer or KMPlayer).
  2. 7Zip archiver.
  3. FireFox web browser.
  4. DownThemAll download manager for FireFox.
All this software is cross-platform.
What happen if I share my premium direct download links with my friends?
They will use your bandwidth limit so you'll pay for your friends.
I got a corrupted file. What should I do?
If you get corrupted files that means either your have an unreliable internet connection or problems with your computer (RAM for instance). Try the following:
  1. Use
    links. For example if you have a content filtering proxy it may help you to bypass it without filtering.
  2. Use a download manager. We recomend DownThemAll.
  3. Sometimes old archivers may report checksums mistmatch. Try using 7Zip.
I downloaded a file which asks for a password/has bad video quality etc...
We have no control over the files content. All we do is provide access to files and all available information we were able to gather automatically.